EP #17: Real Estate Wholesaling with Jace Graham | Raising Capital, Private Equity | PART 1

Tune into the inspiring, Level Up- Real Estate Investing Podcast , the #1 source for the best real estate investing tips where Robert Heyder talks to Jace Graham from Rising Phoenix Real Estate.

In this episode of Level Up Real Estate Investing you will learn about:

Real Estate Wholesaling

  1. Double close all deals, versus Assignments
  2. Providing a better marketing package for your Buyers
    • Professional pictures on wholesale deals
    • Cleaning the properties out prior to marketing
  3. Providing a better Buyer experience
  4. Virtual wholesaling

Raising Capital / Private Equity / Family Offices

  1. How to find the money
  2. What’s the pitch
  3. Being a deal originator
  4. Build a great STORY

Oil & Gas / Mineral Rights industry – How it relates to the RE industry

  1. Running his 3rd fund
  2. Just raised $10 million + for his newest fund
  3. Best time in lifetime to buy mineral rights… Oil was selling for below $0 per barrel in April 2020.
  4. Using marketing strategies from RE on his Mineral Rights business.

Contact Jace Graham

Direct 214.550.4696, Ext. 101 | Fax 214.432.8297

jace@rising-phoenix.com | www.rising-phoenix.com

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